This website contains astonishing new research results into

The Mystery of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett

The secret family papers released for the first time in nearly eighty years to writer / director Misha Williams led to the writing of the documentary play AmaZonia, entirely based on the new information in those papers.

This is a sensational breakthrough in the research into the Fawcett mystery. For eight decades many enthusiasts have speculated about the Fawcett mystery with virtually no information to go by and explorers have lost their lives searching in entirely the wrong direction, but now thousands of Fawcett family papers, diaries and logbooks kept in a secret trunk have finally come to light. The facts that have emerged are strange and startlingly unexpected.

The entire contents of the Fawcett family secret papers were dramatized to create the documentary play "AmaZonia", produced in London earlier this year. If you missed the production you can now download and read "AmaZonia" and its detailed thirty-page preface which authenticates the source of the play's extraordinary contents from the 'Play & Preface' page on this website.

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